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Re-fretting & Set Up

From £220


Includes: -

  • Removal of old frets

  • Inspecting the condition of the fret board

  • Repair any fret board damage if requested(this will incur extra charges)

  • Checking the fret board radius and re-sand if required. (see above)

  • Re-fretting with customers choice of fret wire. (different materials available)

  • Dressing the frets i.e. leveling, crowning and polishing.

  • Oiling the fretboard where applicable.

  • Set up as per professional set up.

  • Cleaning the instrument.

  • Final check.




Customer Comments

Cheers for the servicing Dunc.  The new fretwork is quality and now it plays much better and without all that fret buzz.  I've got more sustain as well.  Also, it looks better for having a clean.


Top job.

Harry Roberts

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