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McCrerie Guitars Bluesbreaker Telecaster style guitar

Bluesbreaker (Standard)

A great “Rock ‘n’ Roll sound and feel emanates from this guitar with the extra punch from the 4th position selector and the select choice of materials and hardware.

Comes complete with “Mono” guitar sleeve or “Hiscox” hard shell case


Options: -

 The following options are available:

  • Pickups Types

  • Colour

  • Neck wood

  • Fretboard wood

  • Selector

  • Hardware.

  • “The McCrerie Sustain System”
    An original design process that increases the sustain by 30-40% compared to a standard bolt on neck and enables a reduction of the heel thickness to 12 mm, thus increasing upper fret access.

This is available on most models when ordered at initial build request.   

Price from:-


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