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Is your Guitar Fret Board giving you problems?
Buzzing, Strings Choking when bending?
Doesn't feel right when playing?
Poor Intonation?

Then let McCrerie Guitars level and re-crown the frets for you.
Put some life back into your playing.

Fret Leveling and Re-Crown

From £120

This includes:


On arrival the instrument's condition will be assessed to see what work is required.

 Subject to the customers agreement the following will be carried out.

  • Fret board condition checked

  • Frets inspected for excessive wear and damage. (Customer will be informed if the guitar needs a complete

       re-fret or any frets need replacing before further work is carried out )

  • Nut checked for damage and height

  • Frets re-leveled to correct radius using precision aluminium sanding beam

  • Frets re-crowned and shaped

  • Frets polished

  • Set up carried out including intonation using Peterson stroboscopic tuner




Customer Comments

Cheers for the servicing Dunc.  The new fretwork is quality and now it plays much better and without all that fret buzz.  I've got more sustain as well.  Also, it looks better for having a clean.


Top job.

Harry Roberts

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