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All instruments play better, sound better and feel better when they are set up correctly.  So why don't you have yours set up professionally.

McCrerie Guitars can offer you a complete professional service what ever you require.

Professional Set Up: 

From £50

This includes:


On arrival the instrument's condition will be assessed to see what work is required.

 Subject to the customers agreement the following will be carried out.

  • Neck relief adjustment

  • Nut height and condition checked

  • Bridge radius checked and corrected

  • String height/action adjustment to customers specification.

  • Intonation set up using a Peterson stroboscopic tuner.

  • Clean and oil (where necessary) the fretboard. 

  • Polish the frets.

  • Clean the Instrument

  • Replace minor items such as control knobs etc. if required subject to cost.



Customer Comments

Cheers for the servicing Dunc.  The new fretwork is quality and now it plays much better and without all that fret buzz.  I've got more sustain as well.  Also, it looks better for having a clean.


Top job.

Harry Roberts

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