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Looking for a bespoke, hand-crafted, electric guitar
with a unique sound?

I know I'm not the only guy making custom guitars. There are many hobbyists and professional Luthiers producing wonderful instruments. So why buy mine? Because I truly believe my guitars give you something extra special. All the custom guitar sites offer great looking guitars but when you're paying that bit extra, don't you want the sound quality to be something special?


I have developed an original idea of mine which increases the natural sustain of my guitars, which is inherently missing in the "Bolt-on style neck" models. This is not achieved by electronic technology, but incorporated into the manufacturing process and thus is a permanent feature of these guitars. A bonus of this design is to enable me to reduce the thickness of the "Heel" to 12mm allowing easy access to the upper frets of the neck.


I use various hardwoods which I specially select to make of all my guitars. The quality of the wood imbues a certain depth of tone and enhances the look and finish of the guitars.

Working from my workshop in Lancashire I can tailor any part of the process to suit each individual’s preference or I can make my best suggestions where needed.


If you’re at all interested just e-mail me and I’ll get back to you for a chat.


This won’t be a hard sell and at worst we’ll just have a friendly chinwag about guitars.


At best you’ll be bowled over and decide to buy one!


Q: How many guitars do you need?

A: Always one more.

Q: Well, why don't you make it a McCrerie Guitar?

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