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Vegatrem VT2 Teletrem Classic

Vegatrem VT2 Teletrem Classic


For T-style guitars that use classic dimensions bridge (71mm between the string holes to the top screw of the bridge pickup, see attached scheme).

Two year warranty.

Once ordered, delivery dates will be available.
  • Info

    The VegaTrem VT2 Teletrem, the tremolo that can be installed on a T-Style using little more than a couple of screws and a screwdriver… And, obviously, with the utmost consideration and respect for the original design, so that if in the future you change your mind and want to revert your Telecaster to its original bridge, our guitar will recover its usual appearance (it should be noted that there will remain two small holes on the front that will be invisible to the public eye since they will be covered by the original TL bridge itself).

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