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Tonerider Vintage TRS1

Tonerider Vintage TRS1


In production since 2005, the Pure Vintage set from Tonerider is the perfect upgrade for any player looking for that warm, vintage Stratocaster sound. Inspired by a collection of vintage pickups from the 1950s, the Pure Vintage set accurately reproduces the magical magnet and coil structure of these classic pickups. A 999-step CNC programmable coil-winding machine and custom wire tensioning system are used to create looser, more random coil structures. Even the magnets are custom made, hand-bevelled and then charged and de-charged in a special sequence. If you aren’t a fan of harsh Strat sounds, this set is for you.

Due to advances in string technology and the wider range of modern guitar necks, this set, like all our single coils sets, uses a unique “Modified Vintage Stagger” polepiece magnet array allowing for near perfect string-to-string balance on the greatest range of instruments possible. Get them in any Strat and hear the the magic!


Covers: All singles and sets come with white covers as standard. Any Fender compatible cover can be used (52.4mm, or 2 1/16in).

Polepiece Spacing: All position are 52.4mm, or 2 1/16in, just like the originals.

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  • Tech Specs

    Pure Vintage Neck Pure Vintage Middle Pure Vintage Bridge
    Model TRS1N TRS1M TRS1B
    Magnet Alnico 5 Rod Alnico 5 Rod Alnico 5 (E-A-D), Alnico 3 (G-B-e)
    DCR 5.9k 6.1k 6.45k
    Inductance 2.3H 2.4H 2.6H
    Stagger TR Modified Vintage
    Hookup Wire Vintage Braid
    Winding Direction Clockwise Counter-Clockwise Clockwise
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