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Sunbear Stratocaster 63 Sonic Tribute

Sunbear Stratocaster 63 Sonic Tribute


The “63 Sonic Tribute” set takes its inspiration from a close friend’s wonderful 1963 Original Refin Sonic Blue Strat. It’s a glorious instrument that exemplifies the joys that vintage instruments can sometimes offer, even when the understandable hype is kept in check! The guitars electronics are all original, including the 3way switch and those glorious pre-CBS pickups. I loved the tone of this Strat right away and having spent time with it getting to know it’s nuances, taking readings and other details from the pickups and testing prototype winds; I now feel confident to offer this set. It will come as no surprise that these are classic 60s Strat pickups through and through. With the mix of period-correct Heavy Formvar Wire, Alnico 2 and 5 poles and hand/scatter wound coils, these pickups offer the huge tonal range and punchy character present in that lust-worthy Sonic Refin.

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·         BRIDGE AV +/- 6.2k: I chose an Alnico 5 magnet for its punch and high end crispness, while keeping the coil quite evenly wound to temper the highs a little; the original’s pickup is quite brash and I wanted to capture that here. It responds beautifully to just a small drop from the volume control to sweeten and in that offers considerable versatility to the player.

·         MIDDLE  AII +/- 5.5k: This pickup is quite neutral with a certain open glassy character and serves as a fantastic, quacky blend in position 2/4. While you have to wedge the 3-way switch on the original, thankfully there’s no need nowadays!

·         NECK AII +/-5.5k:  For the neck, I just had to go with Alnico II and a wide scatter. One of my absolute favourite pickups; clear yet plumby and full with a rounded high end and tight lows. Think of those timeless Strat neck pickup sounds that never seem to get any less satisfying, and you will know what the intent was for this pickup.

This set is offered as standard with a vintage stagger and lightly bevelled magnets. If you would prefer flat poles (a SUNBEAR favourite), a radius-matched stagger, custom covers or virtually any other tweak please do get in touch; various contact options are available here.

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