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Sunbear 59 SBPAF Sweet Transition HSS Set

Sunbear 59 SBPAF Sweet Transition HSS Set


The marriage of two singlecoils alongside a humbucker in the bridge position has been a hugely popular pickup layout for decades. From the first hot-rodded s-types that inspired the plethora of custom designed “super-strats” that were an 80s hard rock mainstay, this layout has proved its worth in just about any musical context you could mention since. The extra power, midrange content and richness of a carefully selected Humbucker can serve as a wonderful ally to a poised set of singlecoils.

For this HSS set, we bring together 3 of our favourite pickups; namely the 59 SBPAF Bridge Humbucker alongside the Middle and Neck from our 59 Sweet Transition Strat-Single set. This combination offers classic midrange grind for driving riffs and cutting leadwork from that dutifully crafted PAF Humbucker while a flip to the singles brings all the quick and smoothly scooped soul you could dream of.

· BRIDGE AIV +/- 8.3K: A wonderfully balanced mix of power and dynamics characterise this take on a middle-output PAF-style humbucker. It has the clear, faintly strident punch to take on heavy handed rock riffs but a softer touch with coax out all manner of subtle textures.

· MIDDLE AII +/- 5.8k. Switching to the middle pickup is always a favourite here at SUNBEAR, though its sadly often overlooked. Bringing Alnico 2 poles into the mix and a wider scatter gives this pickup an engaging tonality. Its characterful and nicely balanced midrange works well alone or combined.

· NECK AII +/- 5.7k A really classic Alnico 2 based Neck pickup finishes this set with some swagger. This is just pure Jimmy/SRV in character; clear yes but also faintly edgy and hugely responsive to the players attack. Utterly “un-put-downable”.

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