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Sunbear Stratocaster 50s "Ocean Clear"

Sunbear Stratocaster 50s "Ocean Clear"


Tonally based on the exceptionally open and rich sound of the classic mid 50s Strat, this hand/scatterwound set is carefully constructed with Heavy Formvar Coated wire, a mix of Alnico 3 Poles in the Neck and Middle alongside an Alnico 4 loaded bridge pickup. The inbetween tones are served by a Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity (RWRP) middle pickup to give you the advantage of hum-cancellation when combining the Neck or Bridge with the Middle. Those classic “2 and 4” positions have been carefully tested to make sure they offer just the right amount of “quack”.

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BRIDGE AIV, +/- 6.2k: At just over 6k and loaded with Alnico 4 this sets Bridge pickup has enough punch and authority to feel expressively immediate, while the aforementioned magnet choice and wind helps to keep any harshness at bay.

·         MIDDLE AIII, +/- 5.5k: Often overlooked but a favourite here at SB; this middle unit has loads of character and that midrange poke that makes you just want to hang on a note. You will find yourself using this pickup alone so much more than you might usually.

·         NECK AIII, +/- 5.5k: Always so very addictive, this Neck pickup is everything we all love so much about this style of S-type tone. It’s clear and glassy on clean and has all that full, harmonic expression with drive. A pure joy and endlessly playable.

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