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Graphtech ResoMax NW2 Harmonic Wraparound Bridge

Graphtech ResoMax NW2 Harmonic Wraparound Bridge


ResoMax NW2 Wraparound Bridge - this lightweight, high-strength bridge will increase harmonic content and leave your guitar dripping with tone. It comes preloaded with our String Saver saddles for reduced string breakage and improved tuning stability.


This is a great option to upgrade or replace the existing bridge on your PRS-style or Gibson-style guitar that uses a wraparound-style bridge.


The ResoMax Wrap Harmonic Bridge System is designed to maximize harmonic content and richness in every note. Super sexy and entirely curvaceous, the bridge is completely comfortable for superior palm muting. Exclusive to the ResoMax system, the AutoLock feature magnetically secures your bridge at all times with no tools to use or lose, making re-stringing simple and quick.


The NW2 bridge comes loaded with String Saver saddles. These saddles are impregnated with PTFE and will dramatically reduce string breakage, improve tuning performance and boost the midrange of your guitar

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