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1/4" Jack Socket Mono For Electric Guitar

1/4" Jack Socket Mono For Electric Guitar


Switchcraft Guitar Jack Socket

Switchcraft have been suppliers to top-quality guitar manufacturers over the past 50 years. This jack socket is the industry standard upgrade, offering superior quality and durability over generic non-branded jack sockets fitted on many electric guitars. This is the perfect choice for most standard electric guitars and basses such as Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Gibson Les Paul, ES-335, SG and many more.

Comes complete with nut and washer and mates with a standard 1/4" phone plug, mounting in a single .469 inch diameter hole.

Only 2 left in stock

Typically your output wire will come from the switch if you are wiring the socket into a Fender Strat or Gibson Les Paul. Some other instruments will have the output wire coming from the volume pot. This wire is then sent to the hot or positive tag on the jack socket. The earth wire is connected to the ground / negative tag on the socket and is then soldered to the back metal casing of one of the pots.


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