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Sunbear 57SBPAF

Sunbear 57SBPAF


This set of PAF Inspired humbuckers was envisaged as the ideal Goldtop-bucker tone. While this is far from an easy task to pin down and of course the pickups loaded into those historic guitars varied a fair amount, this set is everything we personally think of when considering these beautifully musical pickups. Clarity, high-end sweetness, drive when you need it, dynamic range, minimal compression etc were all key in coming up with a recipe that just worked, and gave a constantly inspiring end result. Notes bloom across the neck and the natural character of your guitar comes through as the pickups track ever small detail of your phrasing. We have tested most of the finest modern pickups as well as many vintage examples and feel confident these will please even the pickiest tone-hunter.

A lot of small features contribute to pickups like this and we obsess over them all; vintage correct, low carbon steel slugs, screws and keeper-bar add a sweetness to the highs, while rough-sandcast Alnico magnets maintain enough power but never become harsh or over-compressed in the way a modern magnet might. The plain enamel coated wire, screw-through baseplates etc; the list really does go on and on but in short, the final tone is everything here!

· BRIDGE AII +/- 7.6k: The combination of a warm, rough-cast Alnico II magnet alongside a fairly low wind creates a bridge pickup that oozez musicality. Warm high-end sweetness twins with an almost “Tele on steroids” low-mid clarity and a rich sustaining bloom. One of our absolute favourite pickups.

· Neck AIII +/- 6.9K: At the lower end of the PAF output spectrum and with our favourite Alnico 3 Magnet; this pickup is all about keeping clarity and a “stringy” definition while the classic neck humbuckers plumby charm is ever-present. An ideal match for the bridge and a bucker that will keep a smile on your face for hours with its expressive musicality.

This set is offered as standard with two-conductor vintage braid wiring, 49.2mm pole spacing and long-legged vintage baseplate. if you would prefer short legged baseplate, four conductor wiring or virtually any other tweak please do get in touch; various contact options are available here.

Please note we supply these pickups un-potted as standard for maximum tonal transparency, just as they were originally made. However, we completely understand that you may prefer some more defence against microphonics and feedback. Should this be the case, please make a note during check out stating that you would like them lightly potted in our mix of beeswax and paraffin.

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