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Full Monty Humbucker Pickup

Full Monty Humbucker Pickup


The Full Monty Humbucker (formerly the GT500) is a massively beefed up version of a classic humbucker. Conceived to be the most versatile Humbucker imaginable, the Full Monty is capable of covering a simply mindboggling range of tones from sweet, bright cleans to massive rock tones and beyond.

  • Tech Specs

    The key to getting this right was taking inspiration from vintage pickup design. Whilst the Full Monty is overwound, it’s nowhere near as hot as some high-output Humbuckers. These pickups are more than pokey enough to give your amp a little kicking, but not so hot as to strangle the life out of it. The 42-gauge wire and traditional coil offset ensure a lively top-end and dynamic response. The result is a pickup that is as dynamic, responsive and clear as any good low-output Humbucker with all the fatness of higher-output Humbucker.

    Scatterwound using 42 gauge Formvar (neck pickup) and Plain Enamel (Bridge pickup) wire:

    Neck- Alnico V, 7.9k

    Bridge – Alnico II, 9k

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