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YardbirdTele Set(Bare Knuckle)

YardbirdTele Set(Bare Knuckle)


The Yardbird is the woodshed for some of the world's top guitarists and tonal inspiration for all the rest! Enjoy a hard-edged blues-rock Tele® tone with a wide and balanced frequency response that's suitable for a variety of classic blues and rock applications.

The Yardbird Telecaster® coils take the vintage output and dynamics of the Country Boy set a stage further with more weight in the mids and a punchier rock voice. The Alnico IV magnets offer not just extra output but a much more balanced response across all frequencies while retaining exceptional dynamics. Pick lightly and the tone is smooth and clean, increase pick attack and the output follows with a ruder, more aggressive Tele® tone. These coils will still twang with the best of them but their strength lies in their ability to drive harder for a fuller blues rock tone without suffering 'ice pick' highs. Yardbird coils come with copper plated steel baseplate on the bridge, vintage cloth 'push back' hook-up and fully wax potted as standard.

Position: Bridge

DC Resistance: 7.3 kΩ Magnet: Alnico 4

Position: Neck

DC Resistance: 6.9 kΩ Magnet: Alnico 4

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